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Training and support for strata professionals

Welcome to The Strata, an expertly curated set of training modules, operating systems and business development ideas, advice and resources for strata managers

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Meet Michael Teys, your strata expert

Michael Teys is a strata academic researcher, consultant and speaker.


The Strata will grow your business and career

We work with leading strata professionals across Australia to deliver training, tool kits and business development.

Strata Training

Get online training modules with videos and resources to download. There are modules for entry level, intermediate and advanced strata managers. Use them weekly or at your own pace. Test your learning with a quiz at the end of each 5-lesson module to receive an awards certificate.

Operating Toolkits

For the more difficult tasks our operating toolkits provide both guidance and practical templates. The emails, forms, motions, handouts and checklists in our toolkits will help you navigate a pathway for your committees through their difficulties while giving you the confidence to tackle the big issues.

Business Development

The future is bright for strata management but there is never room for complacency. Whether you plan to grow your business by acquisition, servicing developers or winning business form your competitors we provide new ideas and proven techniques to keep your brand fresh.

"I really enjoyed Michael's course, he presents strata topics in a clear and concise way.  The technical notes and ebooks that come with the course help me remember the essentials and gives me confidence in front of my clients"

Jane Giacobbe | Client Relationship Manager 

What you get when you become a member of The Strata

Too much strata education has been about industry suppliers rather than the needs of strata managers. Our material is focused on your particular needs as strata managers and business owners. The material we present is underpinned by law, finance, sociology and management theory but is always practical and applied to the strata management tasks you preform daily. 

Good training and coaching come with a playbook. Our does too. Strata operating systems have traditionally been driven by accounting processes rather than workflow and ‘how to documents’. We are not reinventing strata software; we fill the gap with practical tools and recourses.

Strata professionalism has come a long way in the last decade, in no small part due to strata academic research at universities in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. This research is fertile ground for learning and professional development. We take this research and break it down for you so that you can put the latest trends and knowledge to work for you and your clients.

Hard work and diligence should be celebrated. We understand how hard your job can be and give you recognition and awards for completing our training modules that you can use on your socials to build your personal brand. If you don’t, who else will?


Join other strata professionals like you who are ready to grow their business and career.


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